Our Businesses

We have 4 main solutions all related to Innovation and Knowledge



DNA TECHNOLOGY, aims to help companies innovate their strategies and know-how in order to have a better understanding of the needs and desires of customers. Today, customers have become more and more demanding in terms of customer experience and companies must at all cost adapt to this in order to gain added value over competitors. To make this transition a success, we offer digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, where we are able to identify the key aspects of customers' buying habits and their expectations in terms of experience and services offered. All the collected data is brought together in a dashboard where managers can visualize all the KPIs needed, and any other information for the sucess of the business. To conclude, in a world full of data, understanding the needs of your customers has become a major challenge and at DNA we take care of helping businesses to overcome this challenge.



We believe that AI is vital and very important in all industries, and especially in the sports industry. More than ever, professionals or even amateurs are aware of the importance that AI has on their performance, health and motivation. Today DNA Sports has developed a solution called "Jumpar" which is a new approach to training and sport. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, it guarantees an excellent user experience and a high level of interactivity and engagement. People can now train while having fun, and by this their engagement and motivational level will grow. Jumpar also helps users to assess their own performance by analyzing and comparing previous records.



DNA ACADEMY, is an educational center open for everyone and it offers innovative educational programs and trainings on different topics. We are aware that the world is changing at a rapid pace and new technologies are forcing professionals or non professionnals to adapt to these changes by constantly learning new techniques and new tools. Education is limitless, we beleive that we as human have a lot to learn and we should never stop learning. The programs that are provided at DNA ACADEMY are CPF-eligible and they are among the most requested in the world of business, allowing you to develop your professionnal skills and your career.