"Innovation as a driving force"

At DNA Global Analytics, we highly believe in the power of innovation because with no innovation there is no future!


DNA Global Analytics, is a company based in Switzerland. Our mission is to help companies create phygital experiences through the use of data science. We are specialized in the latest technologies such as in Blockchain, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we combine all these solutions so we can help businesses innovate and  adapt to the changing environment.

We are aware that the world is changing and evolving rapidly, and our aim is to build strong and thrustwhorty solutions for companies wishing to go digital. At DNA GA, we focus also on the predictive solutions so we can help businesses act before it's too late. 


We provide companies with new technological solutions allowing them to capture physical and specific information about their customers so that they can adapt their strategies to the actual need. All the information collected through our sensors are then stored into a dashboard that will provide you a 360° view of all your business by identifying all the KPIs needed to improve your activity. 

DNA Academy is a training center based in Bonneville, where we offer training programs for everyone, including professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and learn new methodology, new tools and new strategies for the success of their business or personal development. We offer a large choice of programs that meet today's needs in terms of tainings and certifications.

We help you build smart cities and improve the quality of life for the citizens living in it, thanks to smart technology such as IOT and data analysis. The data collected through various places of the smart city is analyzed for constant improvement so higher quality of life can be reached. At DNA, we assist you step by step to build this new city for the happiness of your people.

We have developped unique solutions with the help of professional athletes to give a new definition to sports by gamifying the user experience. We believe that today AI has a very important role in sports and professionnals or amateurs are adopting it more and more. This solution can be used for different purposes such as to optimize sport performances and measure their health. 






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